Memories by Elsie Evans

I was born in Wharf St off Portland Street and moved to 169 Park Lane aston. We shared our cellar with Knights who had one daughter named Eileen then they had another daughter named Norma. also old Mrs Brown and her daughter Hilda and her husband Fred. They lived in the cafe on the corner of Park Lane and upper Sutton Street. Fred was in the NFS, but he was called up and then he was killed on the night of D Day

We had some happy times down the cellar and some scary times when we thought the bombs was going to land on us although the cellar was reinforced. We had the first sirens in Birmingham on June 25th 1940 and it was my 12th birthday 25 minutes after,the 26th.

We moved to the cafe in 1947 so, it changed from Brown's to Robbo's cafe opposite the Eagle where I held my 21st birthday party in 1949.

I worked at Hercules on aston cross from 1942 to1953 wheel building. We had some happy times

We used to go dancing at upper Thomas Street School. I went to St Joseph's school in Nechells.

 That's all for now