Works and Wartime Dances by Sylvia Sayers

In the years after the war most companies had a social club, football and cricket teams, some larger firms had drama and operatic groups, and they also arranged outings to theatres and other trips.

Even if your firm didn't run to these at lot had regular dances in their canteens for staff, in the mid-fifties I worked for Norton Motors but based in R.T.Shelley's offices and works in aston Brook Street.

Every Friday night there was a dance in the canteen entrance fee about one old shilling - 5 new pence, they were always well attended and we had a great time.

Other dances I went to at that time were GKN in Thimblemill Lane, and the Morris commercial in alum Rock Road, this was more up market and was very popular

If I remember correctly you had to get you ticket on the Saturday afternoon, later I used to go to Hardy Spicer on chester Road, but that was in the mid-60s.

Other popular venues was ansells Brewery assembly Rooms on aston cross, and the Old crown and cushion, Perry Barr.