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abbey's Bakery Summer Lane and Sutton Street

abbey's bakery on the corner of Ormond Street and later Sutton Street a lifetime of baking in aston. With customers far and wide buying home made bread and cakes, who also had a reputation for kindness to the poor and the needy, especially christmas time allowing the use of the baking ovens to cook the family roast for christmas dinner. and she did this service till the shop was demolished the regeneration of Sutton Street.

My own mother used to have her christmas chicken cooked there on several occasions, one year my mother was late in getting her chicken from old man Proctor in Newtown row. Unable to have it cooked at abbey's she resorted to cooking it in a galvanised bucket, this was the only way of getting it in our small gas oven by standing the chicken on it's parsons nose. It still tasted gorgeous and that christmas dinner would always be remembered with the memory of that particular feast.

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Newey's Summer Lane

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The Stag Public House Today

The Stag Public House

We are looking for a picture of this public house taken pre 1960's

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