Rose Morris by her daughter christine Wilshaw

Rose Morris (nee Priest) was born in aston - Grosvenor Road - in 1916 and later moved to Elkington Street. She lived in Birmingham until 1974 and moved to Wakefield to her family.She wrote a lovely story of her childhood memories back in 1970, mentioning the shared "washday" in aston, the back to back houses and also the shared "lavatories"!

When she died in 2000, I found poems that I didn't know existed. One very moving one was following the birth of a stillborn child in 1952

Oh stillborn babe for 9 long months you lay beneath my heart
How could I know that in this life you would play no part,
No earthly breath you drew - when at last you came
and so "Stillborn" could only be your name

"Stillborn" was buried, unceremoniously in Yardley cemetery.