a Walk Down Newtown Row - From Six Ways

Newtown Row or High Street
We realise the following pictures are mostly of High Street, but it can be said that both aston folk and outsiders refered to both as Newtown Row, thats why they are under a common title.

High Street begins at Six Ways aston and ends at asylum Road west side & Bracebridge Street on the east side. Newtown Row begins at this point and proceeds south towards Birmingham city centre, until Princip Street west side & Bagot Street east side.

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Starting at Six Ways

Six Ways circa 1850 The rear of the postcard states it was bought in 1910

Six Ways aston circa 1900s Kindly loaned by Mac Joseph

Six Ways aston 1900

Six Ways aston in the 50s

St Stephens church High Street

Six Ways 1 Six Ways 2 Six Ways 3
Six Ways Baptist church Six Ways 1900's Six Ways 1975
Six Ways 4 Six Ways 5 Six Ways 6
30 High St The Orient cinema alma St
Six Ways 7 Six Ways 8 Six Ways 9
The Globe cinema The Bartons 1900s The Bartons 1914

We are Now in Newtown Row

Down the Shops - a Walk Down Old Newtown Row
by John Houghton

Memories of so many years ago
Proctor's our mom's butcher shop
It was usually her very first stop
across the road for an averill's pie
Their aroma would make you sigh
a walk through Black's arcade
Glancing at the things they made
Get our spuds from Griffins next door
Down to the co-op for a few things more
Butter sugar bacon and smelly cheese
and your co-op number if you please
Over to Baine's for crusty fresh bread
House of Jack Built new sheets for the bed
Window shopping on the way home
Have a look what's on at the Hippodrome
Get home for a nice hot cup of tea
Then she would share a few words with me
Berating the price of the shopping today
With a pat on the head she said go and play

The House That Jack Built - courtesy colin Richards

Take a Walk With Me
by Rod Birch

Take a walk with me my friend, down past the Bartons arms
Yes that's the aston Hippodrome its dancing girls parade their charms
Here's avril's they sell Scratchings, Pigs Heads steam in autum air
You could stop and buy some chitlings, with bread and butter we'll share
a look in Blacks of aston? all manner of clothes for sale
Over the road youll notice the Wagon & Horses, purveyors of quality ale
Griffins Greengrocers the Home & colonial all in our view
Perhaps you'll buy a parsnip, and meat to make a stew?
The Jewel in the crown stands dominant, the House That Jack Built Stores
They sell a bit of everything, shall we go step through their doors?
Past Biddles now we are walking, yes the pawn shop it will be
On Monday we take the Old Mans Suit and raise a bob or three
Were nearly at the co-Op now, the tried and trusted shop
Make sure you have your share number, or your divvy it will stop!
We've come to the end of our traipsing now, at the Newtown Market Hall
In here you can buy most anything, paint or a kiddies ball
I hope you enjoyed your journey, and your welcome to come back
For me now it's back to Phillips Street my shopping bags to unpack.

  Newtown Row  
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The Bartons late 60s aston Hippodrome aston Hipp and Woolies
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Wagon and Horses On The Left Blacks