Lennox Street
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Memories by christine Hall (now Blanden) of Lennox Street.

I was born at one back of 59 Fredrick Terrace Lennox St Lozells in 1941. In the house were mum dad and my Nan lived. We had a small garden which my dad looked after. also we kept chickens. My aunt and uncle lived just two doors away, they and a few neighbours used to come in my house to hear me play the piano on Sundays.

I remember my Nan used to take the washing up to the brew house which was at the top of the terrace which was next to the toilets. I also remember at christmas my Nan used to make her own christmas puds and put threepenny bits inside.

I went to school at anglesey St infants, then to Lozells St School for girls. While there at 14 years old I went on holiday and met my future husband (Robert). Now we have been happily married for 51 years.

When I left school at 15 my first job was at Joseph Lucas in Little King St, which like most of the houses has now been pulled down.

Looking back I have great memories of Lennox St and although we didn’t have much I never went without I had a happy childhood.

I am now a proud mother of two daughters and six grand children, and now reside in Essex.






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