The Inshaw Family

Mr John Inshaw
Mr John Inshaw

The Inshaw Steam carriage
The Inshaw Steam carriage

Mr John Inshaw

Mr John Inshaw

Mr John Inshaw


114,64 Sutton Street, 1, John Inshaw, Head, W, 83, Mechanical Engineer, Employer, Birmingham, Warwickshire

John G Inshaw, Son, M, 36, Paper Manufacturer, Employer, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Marion H Inshaw, Daulaw, M, 32, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Edith M Inshaw, Grndau, S, 8, aston, Warwickshire

amy B Inshaw, Grndau, 6, aston, Warwickshire

John Inshaw, Grnson, 5, aston, Warwickshire,

George R Inshaw,Grnson, 3, aston, Warwickshire

Ralph Inshaw, Grnson, 6m, aston, Warwickshire

adelaide Grove, Servnt, S, 31, Domestic Servant, aston, Warwickshire

Eliza Phillips, Servnt, W, 47, Domestic Servant, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Polly Page, Servnt, S, 17, Domestic Servant, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Obituary For Joseph Inshaw
Obituary For Joseph Inshaw

138, The Retreat, Stafford House, 1

Joseph Inshaw, Head, W, 61, Paper Mkr and Mech Neg, Employer, Birmingham, Warwickshire

George R Inshaw, Son, S, 24, Engine Fitter, Employed, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Joseph F Inshaw, Son, S, 20, Manufacturing clerk, Employed, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Frank a Inshaw, Son, S, 19, Pattern Maker, Employed, Birmingham, Warwickshire

James a Inshaw, Son, S, 16, Wood Engraver, Employed, Birmingham, Warwickshire

William J Haughton, Son-in-law, M, 26, Merchants clerk, Employed, Walsall, aldridge, Staffordshire

Sarah a Haughton, Dau, M, 31, Housekeeper, Employed, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Lydia E Haughton, Grndau, 5, aston, Warwickshire

Elizabeth Haughton, cousin, S, 28, Dressmaker, Employed, Walsall , aldridge, Staffordshire

Laura M Rodway, Niece, S, 25, School Mistress, Employed, Birmingham, Warwickshire


INSHaW 314 Sutton St aston age 59, anne bwo John, formerly of Steam clock, 7/12/1878 died


Kellys 1892

Inshaw John and sons paper makers cheston Road aston and 1895

Inshaw John engineer 64 Sutton Street aston

Inshaw Jane (mrs) 38 Parliament Street aston

Inshaw albert Edward beer retailer 153 Schofield Street Smith Stone and Knight aston paper mills cheston Road aston 1915


Inshaw, Thomas, John, 27 Lozells Street, church Meeting House built on Bridge Street in Walsall in the 1800s and two of my forebears were involved in the building of it. They were my great great grands William Haughton & Joseph Whitley abbiss. It was called Walsall or Dudley Independent chapel.
The Dudley archives

Will Joseph, H, bapt Rushall 1864, was my great uncle., His second marriage, was to the Inshaw lady , which came as a greatt surprise to his son Fred Haughton ,my second cousin, when he began to do family research about fifteen yrs ago wen he lived in Noddy Park.