Hubert Street

Hubert Street by Pauline Green

Hubert Street between aston road and chester Street, remembered by Pauline Green who lived there during the late forties and early sixty’s.

I don’t have any photos of Hubert Street but I can tell you it is still there and our house is still there no 34 I have Googled it. I lived there from 1947 till we were rehoused in 1961.

It looks quite posh now than when we lived there, next door but one to us there was a wood yard Rudders and Payne’s over the road was Palmer and Harvey. Our side of the road they were posh we had our own loo and garden, the other side of the road they had a communal yard, the thing I liked about those times everyone had nothing there was no class distinction and all my aunts and Nan lived minutes away. I have a photo taken in our yard I will send it separate as I don’t know how to do it midstream it is of my cousin and me. I remember the little shop Lill and arthur Swift it was a converted house she would wrap anything you should not buy on Sunday in news paper to hide it.