Guardian Angels by Reg Horton

Guardian Angels

Angels gathered around my bed
Two at the foot and two at the head
Singing and praying just for me
Their voices sounded so heavenly
As a golden glow it filled the air
Heavenly singing I heard everywhere
I was not afraid nor did I cry
Had my time come to say goodbye
To this world, of mine my last farewell
Was heaven my new home now to dwell
How long this went on I cannot say
Sadly it all just simply faded away
As sunlight into my room did stream
I awoke to find it had been a dream
A spiritual dream that just said it all
Heavenly angels are at our call
A god in heaven who awaits you and me
An impossible dream it cannot be
For I found my god and he loves me
His spiritual light and love is free
Eternal life in heaven it never ends
United with all our family and friends
Again to dwell with those we love
In the spiritual world of heaven above
Safe in the company of the angels
Forever to remain in those clouds above
In the spiritual world of gods
Eternal love

C Reg Horton