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My name is Reg Horton and I married Ann Ratcliffe daughter of Ernest Ethel Ratcliffe 85 Hamilton Road Handsworth. We lived in a flat over a butchers shop in Rookery Rd and moved to No 11. Woodstock Rd off Grove Lane. Later moved to No 5 Nijon Close. Later moved again to No 35 Ebley Rd Handsworth Wood. Our last move was to No15. Moyle Drive Halesowen.

I was a member of the Handsworth Social Club worked there as a barman for thirteen years. Arthur Webb was the club steward. I also played bowls for the club and the New Inns bowling club There is a picture on this web site of members of this bowling club perhaps people will recognizes some of them. My memories some which are happy and others not so happy.

You see I was a postman working from the Soho Rd sorting office during the riots, not very pleasant delivering mail following these disturbances in the Soho Rd and surrounding Roads/Streets. Still that's in the past.

My Very Best Wishes to anybody who may read this article and remember my wife Ann sadly now deceased. myself Reg nicknamed Blackbat by some of the Handsworth Social members



Visit Reggies great site here http://reggie150.tripod.com/findme/

New Inns bowling club members Holyhead Rd in the 1960's

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Program of the 8th Annual Dinner Prize presentation 5th December 1930

Alf and Mary Horton

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