The Uplands Bowling Club by Maureen Farmer

As a small child one of the things I really enjoyed was going to the bowling green at the Uplands with my parents. During the summer months we would spend many evenings and weekends there and I would play with the children of the other members in the grounds. We would climb trees and play hide and seek in the many corners behind the bushes, as a child the grounds seemed huge.

As my dad was a diamond setter and worked at home he was able to spend some time when he was not too busy, cutting the green and generally keeping the grounds of the bowling green in good shape. He was also President of the club for a number of years. Most people visiting the pub grounds did not go through the gate to the bowling green so it was not littered with crisp bags and empty glasses.

Life was certainly very simple in those days with no TV to watch, we were so lucky living on the edge of the allotments and Hill Top Farm where dad took our Bull Dog for a walk twice a day.

Attached you will find photos of the general membership then a small group which I think might have been the executive some time in the 1950's or early 60's. My mom being presented with the silver rose bowl which was the prize for Ladies Day and kept for one year until the next Ladies Day. The other photo is mom and Joan who lived on Uplands Road.

Maureen Farmer

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