Sheila Dodd's Memories

I went to School in Handsworth, 1936-1940. It was to St Marys Convent, in Hunters Road taught by the Nuns. I also remember the Regal Cinema because the class where taken there to see "60 Glorious Years" a film about Queen Victoria, all in black/white and very eerie in parts. Also came out itchy, as did most of us

I lived in West Bromwich at the time so caught a tram at Carters Green To the Boundry by the Hawthorns, then swopped trams to the end of Soho Hill, at least that’s what I think the Street or Road, was called fare both ways, cost 3d a day, no passes then.

As the war broke out us passengers got shown how to turn the seat (wooden) over To hide under if there was a raid. A couple of years later my parents had been on business in Forge Lane When a plane in the throes of crashing shot off all its machine gun bullets Mum and Dad along with others sheltered by the high wall of the Football Grounds luckily no one got hurt. Sheila Dodd