Hampton Street

Brookes Ward and co - 5 Hampton Street

My factory now in its 120th year is in Hampton street (corner of Summer Lane). Metal bashers in the lighting trade since 1885. Original tooling for gas levers and many other parts still wrapped and covered in 100 years of dust and dirt. Printing blocks of all our catalogues and also of our move to Hampton street from Tower Street (where St Georges school is now) in 1906

Brookes Ward comenced trading in March 1885, a partnership between John Brookes a Diesinker, and Mr George Ward a clerk from Birmingham. The partnership was disolved in September 1885

1906 Plans

The Finished Building

Unidentified Family Members

Unidentified Family Members

Works Trip to Symonds Yat 1935

Workers Day Out

Workers Day Out

Disaster Stikes


a Brookes Ward Brochure

The "comet" Gas Heater Brochure

a Range Of The Brookes Ward Fittings