Dr David Holmes Friend of Sir arthur conan Doyle


Born in Malta 1855. attended Edinburgh University qualified as a doctor 1877.
Qualifications LIc. R. coll. Surgeon. M.B.Universitity of Edinburgh.
Practised in aston Manor at the Birmingham General Dispensary in Thimblemill Lane.

He resided at 33 Lichfield road aston Manor; he attended the death of Robert Houghton in catherine Street aston.
This was my great great granddad; he also attended the inquest at the Victoria Inn Lichfield road on the 5 of april 1888, the verdict been death from Syncope caused by exposure too cold.
The coroner Daniel R Wynter admonished the witness William Bowker after the jury where dissatisfied with Bowkers evidence and he therefore refused him expenses and called a most unreliable witness.

The above Dr David Holmes was reputed to be a friend of Sir arthur conan Dolye he also was a doctor out of Edinburgh University were he had qualified as a master surgeon registered 1881. and was in residence at No 63 aston road north at the surgery of Dr Reginald Ratcliffe Hoare a surgeon. He was paid £2 per month for his services; also Dr arthur c Doyle was at this address from 1878 to 1881 according to the Birmingham civic Society.

The 1881 census of Scotland listed arthur c Doyle living with his mother Mary T Doyle born Ireland, at 15 Lonsdale Street cuthbert’s Edinburgh.
Both Holmes and Doyle where practising and residing in aston at the same time and only living a few hundred yards from one another, so it's possible they where friends and they both trained at Edinburgh University.