co-Op Milk, Dripping cakes and The Smell of Vinegar by Ken Bibb

I worked for the co-op milk for a number of years before and after my national service, which was in 1951-53.

For 16 months I worked in the Lozells area starting at the co-op shops Five Ways and working up the Lozells Road on the right hand side as far as Mayfield Rd (I think), horse and cart of course, got caught in the tram lines more than once.

 That was scary if you can imagine going sideways. My aunt and uncle had a corn and seed shop in Lozells Road opposite Berners Street.Then for 9 months I was further into aston on a route starting at the co-op shops at aston cross and working up and around clifton Road, Tower Road, Upper Thomas Street, etc.,

This was an experience of a life time with all the back houses and the blue black paver bricks. You can tell if I had to carry more than one crate of milk (20 bottles and crate) this was very heavy for a 17 year old I pulled them with a butchers hook on a rope, it was a lot easier.

In Upper Thomas Street ( I think ) was a cake shop which sold fresh dripping cakes which we always bought. That was the roundsman and myself, his name was George Lammas and he came from Smethwick by MB's at cape Hill.

You could always tell when it would rain from the smell of vinegar from the HP works.

Oh! What memories.I also remember the aston Hipp' Saturday nights in the Gods!!