Local coal Merchants in 1940 Research by John K colin
Greaves 26 Bartons Bank
Pickering 5 Beacon Hill
Thornton 55 Beales St
Worrall 18 Bright St
Davidson 35 Burlington St
Baglin 130 cliffton Rd
Parker back of 171 cliffton Rd
Weaver 28 Gladstone Street
Ward 62 Grosvenor Rd
Shaw 25 Lodge Rd
Hasgood Lynton Rd
Eggison back of 65 Miller St
Eggison 176 Park Lane
Ranford 21 Powell St
Norbury 82a Pugh Rd
Knowles Queens Rd
Brotherhood Talford St
allen back of 74 Vicarage Rd
Hall back of 27 Whitehead St