I Remember by christine

I remember the sweet shop on the corner of New Street and Whitehead Road I think it was called Duffy's. There was the old Globe cinema at the bottom of New Street,though it wasn't used as a cinema when I lived there.

I was living in New Street when they put the new road through, in Newtown, I think it was named Newbury Road, There was once, if I remember a nasty accident in Whitehead road when a No 8 bus turned over on it's side.

Do you have any recollection of it? There was also a little church in New Street opposite our entry where I used to go to Sunday school,though I am ashamed to say, we only used to go to play about.

I worked in aston Brook Street for about three years at a small place called calidec(from about 1966 to 1969) there I met my husband ,we have just had our 32nd wedding anniversary the first of this month.

a very happy thirty two years!!!