aston Brook
John Houghton


The streets now hide our babbling aston Brook
You can't find it no matter where you care to look
Years ago it flowed swift, clean, clear and bright
and powered the aston mill with its flowing might
at night it glowed like the twinkling stars shining bright
Meandering here and there a lifeline for all to share
People going about their daily chores without a care
Its waters slaked our thirst on a bright sunny day
The brook still flows quietly below come what may
It gave its name to the place where we lived long ago
What more will our babbling brook have to undergo
In depths the brook runs it's silent meandering course
as it strives to keep running from its early source
Perhaps one day it will burst out from its underground
Once again we will be able to hear it's babbling sound
Once more to catch the rays of a summer day's sun
as it's waters continues along a babbling brook run