aston Billiard Hall by Sue Bonner

Dennis Bonner of Philips St/Upper Thomas St, recalls that prior to the war, the Billiard Hall was Pratts the Plumbers, although it was a vacant building at that time. He recalls a schoolfriend who fell off the roof of this building, while they were playing, and possibly fractured his skull, he remembers him wearing a leather pad type appliance to his head following this injury.

Margaret Bonner (ne Yardley), who lived on Newtown Row, remembers Powson's, the pawn shop on the corner of alma Street and High Street. She recalls it being there as a child and also remembers it being there in her early married life, living in Potters Hill. They also sold new jewellery. She can also recall, as an adult, one on Newtown Row, round the corner from Philips Street, beside a chemist shop.

She has a childhood memory of another one on aston Road, owned by Mrs Ball, it was next door to a shoe repairers.