a Few Memories of clifton by Harold Overthrow

I was born in 1940 and lived in clifton Road until I got married in 1961. I attended Upper Thomas Street School 1945-1955

I lived at 6 back of 100, which was down an entry between Melons outdoor and Jacksons fish & chip shop.  Does anyone remember my family or any of the other families living down our yard? There was the Elliot, Ubbles, Scrivens, Stathams,  Wolversons, Powells, Poveys, which come to mind.

as well as the two shops already mentioned there were two other shops opposite our entry. I think they were called Glazebrooks and Tuckwells but I am not too sure. There was the paper shop, Priestlys and a shop opposite called Bluits.

 as I am typing, two other shops spring to mind, Saunders the chemist was one. I remember very clearly a large coloured advertisement featuring a photograph of Deanna Durban who at the time was a famous actress/singer. Funny how things like that stick in ones mind.

The chemist was on the corner of clifton Road and Upper Thomas Street. The other shop was on the opposite corner to the chemist and we used to take the radio battery to be charged. Does anyone out there remember the name of this shop?

If anyone who may of lived in clifton Road or the surrounding area who has memories that they would like to share, I would be very pleased to here from them.