about Street Names

aston Hall

The old road names are few and self-explanatory, as are Wharf and Barrack Streets. cuckoo Lane led to the cuckoo Inn on aston Road, and the bridge over Fazeley canal took the same name. Mill and Oxygen St refer to a factory by the canal junction and a chemical works. There are many streets with surnames forenames which cannot now be explained, but some can be. Lister was last-but-one baronet of the family recalled in Holt (formerly spelt Holte) Street. 'Heneage''Legge inherited the estates, Bagot and Digby 'heirs by default'. aIlesley and chattaway were contemporary families. Earl Howe and the Duke of Dartmouth were 19th century. Landowners. Bracebridge was the married name of Mary, last of the Holtes. ashte(a)d is the only local example of a district named after an individual, Dr. John ash. attorney Brook and his associate laid out the ashted estate. Eliot Street was formerly WeIlington Place in honour of the great soldier, cook Street began as Trafalgar Road, and Scholefield Street honours Birmingham's first mayor. cheatham was the N. innkeeper! Rupert, Oliver, and cromweIl Streets show someone's interest in the civil War two centuries after its end, while alma crescent, cardigan and Inkerman Streets date themselves to the years following the crimea war.

Newtown Row  one of the main shopping area's.
aston cross  a main shopping area.
Parliament Street  my street, several different styles of buildings Jennings hire, basket carriages and carts.
Burlington Street,  Burlington street schools, infants, juniors girls and for learning difficulties.
Barton Street  named after Barton copse.
Webster street .
The Retreat  an old bomb peck a good play area.
Talford Street .
Park Lane  used to be Park Wall Lane which was the boundary of Hall Park the home of aston Hall 1758
Victoria Road  and albert Road named after Queen Victoria and Prince consort albert