Three Brothers by Ernie carter

I thought you may be interested in a couple of things about my ancestors the Uttridges.

Stephen my grand father together with his three brothers walked from the fens in Norfolk looking for work and a better life, employment in the fells at this time circa 1860 was virtually nil.They all three found work within a short time of arrival, settling in the aston area

Stephen was working as a general labourer together with his brother Robert who was a Bricklayer. John also was able to set up as a Head brickie and in no time at all all three had met there respective spouses and settled down to raise families.

Ernest my uncle, Stephens son set up repairing boots and shoes, eventualy opening a small shop at 27 Rhyder Street off corporation in the city. There he built up a remarkable relationship with the local police in Steelhouse Lane, he was virtually kept in full time employment both making and repairing police boots to a very high standard.

His shop premises had no electricity only gas light, he had one industrial type sewing machine operated by hand otherwise all his work was done by hand tools and a lot of skill.

He remained in that shop right up to the time of the redevelopment of that area. His brother Thomas Uttridge moved from Village Road into the premises of Weslyan and General in corporation and became the caretaker, living in a flat on the fifth floor, he fought in the Boar War also in the first world war.