The Hall
John Houghton

It's a house but not a home this stately Aston Hall
It's majestic turrets standing upright and so tall
Foundations built on waste slag from Aston furnace
Gathered by workers with many a sweated face
Built by the Holtes on the high ground overlooking Aston
Erected to with stand any siege this red-bricked bastion
Lined with panelled oak and grand oak stairs
Still showing the scars from Cromwell's iron ware
Many owners have passed through these oaken doors
And trod the many rooms with it's polished floors
Queen Victoria as viewed and dined in its splendour
Now Birmingham City Council is it's latest defender
Steeped in history from its early days of Thomas Holte
Stories of secret tunnels, for when in danger they could bolt
It `s alleged one goes down to the old Aston parish church
But this as not been proved by many years of research
The other one went to the old lodge house in Park lane
And this, another tale that also turned out to be in vain
It stands today as a museum of its past glories and tradition
Still towering above Aston on its lofty hill top position
If you have no fear you can visit the tour candlelight
The twinkling candles through ancient windows is a sight
Aston Hall still holds many stories for us to with its history
Lots of things we have not proved remain to this day a mystery