andrew Spencer's List of Birmingham churches

Many thanks to andrew Spencer for this list
(The list is very comprehensive but is not complete)

all Saints coe all Saints St Hockley 1833 Rickman & Hutchinson 1960s
all Saints coe albert Rd Stechford 1898 J.a. chatwin no
all Saints coe cooksey Rd Small Heath 1875 a.E. Dempster WW2
all Saints coe High St/Vicarage Rd Kings Heath 1859 F. Preedy no
asbury chapel wes   Handsworth      
Balsall Heath Methodist mth Moseley Rd, Lime Grove Balsall Heath 1887   1940
Balsall Heath congregational con North junction betw, Moseley Rd & Runcorn Rd Balsall Heath     yes
Bearwood Methodist mth Sandon Rd Bearwood 1896 John Lancaster Ball no
Belmont Row chapel wes Belmont Row, corner of ashted Row aston bef. 1830    
Bishop Latimer coe West side of Handsworth New Rd Winson Green 1902 W.H. Bidlake  
Bishop Ryder Memorial coe Gem St, opposite Vauxhall St Gosta Green 1838 (tower 1894) Rickman & Hussey (J.a. chatwin) 1960
Boldmere Methodist mth Boldmere Rd Boldmere c. 1911   no
Bond Street Baptist chapel bap Bond St off constitution Hill Hockley 1750   yes
Bordesley Street chapel mth Bordesley St Bordesley 1786    
Bradford Street chapel wes Bradford St Bordesley 1786, extended 1823   closed 1836, bombed in WW2
cannon Street New Baptist Meeting House bap cannon St Birmingham 1738   1879
carrs Lane chapel con West side of carrs Lane Birmingham 1747, 1802, 1820, 1876 Thomas Whitwell 1820, Thomason 1876 rebuilt 1960
chapel (daughter of Particular B.c.) bap Willis St corner of Heneage St Duddeston 1841    
cherry Street chapel (orig was in Whittall St, then Moor St) wes cherry St, between High St & Temple Row Birmingham 1782   1823 (building 1883)
chester Road Baptist bap Junction of chester Rd & Boldmere Rd Boldmere 1913   no
christ church coe council Sq (later Victoria Sq) Birmingham 1805-15   1898
christ church coe Summerfield crescent corner of Gillott Rd Summerfield 1864-83 J.a. chatwin no
christ church coe Grantham Rd Sparkbrook 1867 Medland, Maberley & Medland no
christ church coe School Rd Yardley Wood 1840 a.E. Perkins no
christ church coe Hagley Rd West Quinton 1840 Osborne & Reading no
christ church Baptist chapel bap Six Ways, junction of Victoria Rd and Witton Rd aston 1864 James cranstone now houses
church of the Messiah bap Broad St Birmingham 1862 J.J. Bateman 1978
church of the Saviour bap, later mth Edward St corner of Helena St Ladywood 1846-7 Bateman & Drury sometime after it closed in 1965
Ebenezer chapel con Steelhouse Lane Birmingham 1818   yes
Edward Road Baptist bap Edward Rd corner of Harbury Rd Balsall Heath 1899   no
English Martyrs rc Evelyn Rd Sparkhill 1923 Sandy & Norris no
Erdington abbey, St Thomas & St Edmund of canterbury rc Sutton Rd opp. Orchard Rd Erdington 1847 charles Hansom no
Erdington Baptist bap High St corner of Wood End Rd Erdington 1884   closed 1958, demolished 1961
Erdington congregational con Junction of Orphanage Rd & Edwards Rd Erdington 1822   yes
Erdington Methodist chapel mth Junction of Wesley Rd/Station Rd Erdington 1868, rebuilt 1902   no
Four Oaks Methodist mth Lichfield Rd/Four Oaks Rd Four Oaks 1907 crouch & Butler no
Francis Road chapel cong East side of Francis St, near junction with Hagley Rd Ladywood 1856 Yeoville Thomason  
Freeman Street Baptist chapel bap Freeman St Birmingham 1729   1754 joined cannon St
Friends' Meeting House bap Bull St Birmingham 1703   Now housed in house built 1930
General Baptist church bap Lombard St Birmingham      
Gravelly Hill Hart Memorial chapel meth Gravelly Hill-Kingsbury Road junction Erdington 1890 Ewen Harper 1980s
Hampstead Road Baptist bap Hampstead Rd Handsworth c. 1888   no
Harborne Baptist bap High St opp. Ravenhurst St Harborne Bef. 1905   yes
Harborne Methodist mth South St Harborne 1868   no
Heathfield Road chapel bap Heathfield Rd Lozells      
Highbury chapel bap Graham St opp. junction with Vittoria St Hockley     now a sikh temple
Highgate Baptist bap Moseley Rd opp. Stratford Place Highgate     after 1935
Holy Family rc coventry Rd opp. Benedicts Rd Small Heath 1901?   no
Holy Trinity coe Hill St corner of coleshill St Sutton coldfield before 1200   no
Holy Trinity rc Lichfield Rd Sutton coldfield 1834   now the Guildhall
Holy Trinity coe Bradford St/Old camp Hill Bordesley 1821-23 Francis Goodwin closed 1970s, now a hostel for the homeless
Holy Trinity coe Birchfield Rd/Trinity Rd Perry Barr 1864 J.a. chatwin no
Hurst Street Mission Hurst St Birmingham 1844   closed 1921
Hurst Street Synagogue jew Hurst St Birmingham 1791    
Islington chapel wes Islington Ladywood bef. 1830    
Kings Heath Baptist bap High St Kings Heath 1811, 1816, 1896   rebuilt 1972
King Street chapel (Lady Huntingdon's connexion) cal King St off New Street Birmingham 1786   yes
Lichfield Road Wesleyan church wes Lichfield Rd corner of Victoria Rd aston 1862   1985
Lombard Street chapel bap Junction of Lombard St and Moseley St Birmingham 1785   closed 1886, demolished 1960s
Longbridge Lane Friends Meeting House qua Longbridge Lane Longbridge 1878 G. Drysdale no longer a church
Mansfield Road Wesleyan church wes Mansfield Rd aston 1883   now church of God of Prophecy
Methodist central Hall mth corporation St Birmingham 1903 E & Ja Harper  
Methodist church mth North of Monument Road south of junction King Edward's Road Ladywood      
Methodist New connexion mth Between 128-130 Monument Road, south side opposite corporation baths Ladywood      
Morville Street Meth chapel mth Morville St Ladywood bef. 1862    
Mount Zion chapel bap Northern side of Graham St Hockley 1827   built 1824 as St andrew's Presbyterian. In 1879 became Methodist New connexion chapel
New Meeting House prs New Meeting St Birmingham 1732, destroyed by riots in 1791. Rebuilt in 1802   now St Michael & St Joseph Rc
Northfield Methodist mth chatham Rd, corner Bristol Rd South Northfield 1899. Rebuilt in 1956   no
Old Meeting House prs Philip St, Old Meeting St Birmingham 1689 (1794)   1882
Oratory church of the Immaculate conception rc North side of Hagley Rd backing onto Plough & Harrow Rd Edgbaston 1852 Henry clutton no
Oscott college & St Mary's chapel rc chester Rd/college Rd New Oscott 1835-38 Joseph Potter no
Our Lady & St Brigid rc Frankley Beeches Rd Northfield 1936 E. Bower Norris no
Our Lady of the Rosary & St Theresa of Lisieux rc Bridge Rd / Parkfield Rd Saltley 1933 G. Drysdale no
Oxford Road Baptist bap Oxford Rd Moseley/Kings Heath 1888 J.P. Osborne now calvary church of God
Park Lane Gospel Hall   Park Lane aston 1892   late 1970s
Particular Baptist chapel bap cannon St Birmingham 1738   yes
People's chapel bap Great King St Birmingham 1848   no
Presbyterian church prs New John St West between Hospital St and Summer Lane Hockley      
Providence chapel mth corner of Masshouse Lane & Redditch Rd Kings Norton 1838   closed 1918, demolished 1978
Quinton Wesleyan chapel wes Hagley Rd West/college Rd Quinton 1878   1967
Sacred Heart & St Margaret Mary rc Witton Rd aston 1922 George cox no
Second church of christ Scientist prs Broad St Birmingham 1848 J.R. Botham now a night club
Selly Oak Methodist wes Oak Tree Lane corner of Raddlebarn Rd Selly Oak 1830, 1877, 1907   now St Paul's
Severn Street Synagogue jew Severn St Birmingham 1807 (1827)    
Singers Hill Synagogue ("Englische Schule") jew Blucher St, corner of Ellis St Birmingham 1854-56 Yeoville Thomason no
Slade Road Baptist chapel bap Slade Rd Little Sutton 1775   yes
Small Heath Methodist wes coventry Rd opp. Jenkins St Small Heath 1876   1960s
Soho Hill chapel con Soho Hill Handsworth 1892   yes
Somerset Road chapel wes Somerset Rd corner of cornwall Rd Handsworth 1894   now a sikh temple
St agnes coe St agnes Rd Moseley 1884-93 William Davis no
St aidan coe Herbert Rd opp. chapman Rd Small Heath 1891 F.T. Proud no
St alban the Martyr coe conybere St Highgate 1865 (1871) (1881-99) J.L. Pearson no
St andrew coe St andrew's St on triangle with Sarah St & ada Rd Bordesley 1844-46 R.c. carpenter yes
St andrew coe Oxhill Rd corner of Slack Lane Handsworth 1907-09 Bidlake no
St andrew pres see Mount Zion Baptist        
St andrew Greek Orthodox cathedral gre arthur Place, junction Summer Hill Terrace & camden St Birmingham 1873 J.a. chatwin no
St anne coe cato St/St annes court Duddeston 1868-70 J.G. Dunne closed 1951, later demolished
St anne rc alcester St Highgate 1884 Vicars & O'Neill no
St anne coe Park Hill Moseley 1874 F. Preedy no
St asaph coe Gt colmore St, junction with Latimer St Birmingham 1868 Yeoville Thomason closed 1949, demolished 1960s
St augustine of Hippo coe Island surrounded by Lyttleton Rd Edgbaston 1868 J.a. chatwin no
St augustine of canterbury rc avenue Rd Handsworth 1939 G.B. cox no
St Barnabas coe High St corner of church Lane Erdington 1824 Thomas Rickman no
St Barnabas coe Ryland St/Grosvenor St West Ladywood 1860 W. Bourne yes
St Barnabas coe Ladypool Rd/clifton Rd Balsall Heath 1890 F.T. Proud no
St Bartholomew coe Jennens Row, opposite chapel Row Birmingham 1749   yes
St Bartholemew
(parish church of Edgbaston)
coe Top of Priory Rd Edgbaston 1500s or earlier    
St Benedict coe Hob Moor Lane Bordesley 1898/1905 1905 Nicol & Nicol no
St catherine coe Scholefield St (was between cromwell St and Bloomsbury St) Nechells 1878 Osborne & Reading closed 1945, demolished 1951
St catherine of Sienna rc Horsefair at the junction with Essex St Birmingham 1875 Dunn & Hansom c. 1965
St chad's cathedral rc Between Bath St and Shadwell St Birmingham 1838-41 Pugin no
St chrysostom coe Park Rd, between Musgrave Rd and Dover St Soho 1888 (1891) John cotton (W.H. Bidlake) 1971
St clement coe Nechells Park Rd/Stuart St Nechells 1859 J.a. chatwin c.1978
St cuthbert coe Winson Green Rd, corner of Heath St and cuthbert Rd Winson Green 1870-72 Bateman & corser yes
St cyprian with St chad coe Fordrough, southern side of coventry Rd Hay Mills 1873 Martin & chamberlain no
St David coe Bissel St Highgate 1865 Martin closed 1947
St Dunstan rc Kingsfield Rd Kings Heath 1930s   1940
St Edburgha coe Old Yardley Yardley 13th & 14th c   no
St Edward coe New John St West Hockley 1896 (previously presbyterian)   bombed in WW2
St Edward rc Raddlebarn Rd Selly Park 1902 H.T. Sandy no
St Francis of assisi rc Hunters Rd / Wretham Rd Hockley 1894 J.J. Scoles  
St Gabriel coe Pickford St. West side of Barn St Deritend 1869 J.a. chatwin bombed 1941 (part still standing). closed 1945
St Gabriel rc Barn St Deritend     bombed in WW2
St George coe Tower St, between Gt Hampton Row and Gt Russell St Hockley 1820-22 Thomas Rickman 1960
St George coe calthorpe St, on the triangle with Highfield Rd and Westbourne Rd Edgbaston 1838 J.J. Scoles no
St George prs Heathfield Rd Lozells 1896 J.P. Osborne  
St George's chapel of Ease coe Hospital St Newtown / Birmingham c.1870    
St Giles coe   Bordesley 1905    
St Giles coe church Rd Sheldon 14th c    
St James coe Junction of crocketts Rd and St James Rd Handsworth 1838-40 R. Ebbles no
St James coe Elvetham Rd, triangle with St James Rd and Ryland Rd Edgbaston 1852 S.S. Teulon closed
St James the Less coe Barrack St, corner of St James' St ashted / Duddeston 1789   c.1956
St John coe South side of High St Deritend, corner of chapel House St Deritend 1381 (1735)   1947
St John the Baptist coe St Johns Rd Harborne 1858 Yeoville Thomason 1941 (rebuilt and still standing)
St John coe clarence Rd, corner of North Rd Edgbaston      
St John & St Basil coe Heath Mill Lane Deritend 1886 (1911) (arthur S. Dixon) closed 1939, largely demolished 1947
St John the Evangelist coe church Lane Perry Barr 1831-33   no
St John the Evangelist coe Stratford Rd corner of St John's Rd Sparkhill 1888 Martin & chamberlain no
St John the Evangelist rc George St Balsall Heath 1896 a. Vicars no
St John the Evangelist coe Island of Monument Rd/Wood Rd/Darnley Rd Ladywood 1854 S.S. Teulon no
St Joseph rc Thimble Lane corner of Long acre Nechells 1850 a.W.N. Pugin no
St Jude coe Hill St, opposite Hinckley St Birmingham 1846 Orford & Nash 1971
St Laurence coe Dartmouth Middleway Duddeston 1868 J.a. chatwin closed 1951, later demolished
St Laurence (parish church of Northfield) coe Rectory Road/Old church Hill Northfield ancient   no
St Luke coe Bristol St, corner of St Luke St Edgbaston 1840-42 (1903-5) Harvey Egginton (Edward Mansell) 1899 (present building still standing)
St Margaret/Holy Trinity coe St Margaret Road Washwood Heath 1517 (1834-41) Thos. Boyd (J Frith?) planned soon?
St Margaret of antioch coe Ledsam St where Guild close now stands, between alston St and Rann St Ladywood 1875 Osborne & Reading 1955?
St Mark coe North side of King Edward St, corner St Mark's St Birmingham 1841 Gilbert Scott yes
St Mark coe Washwood Heath Rd nr Leigh Rd Washwood Heath 1890 J.a. chatwin no
St Mark coe corner of Bleak Hill & Hesketh cresc. Erdington 1930s   no
St Martin (parish church of Birmingham) coe corner of Edgbaston St and Moat Lane Birmingham First mention 1263. Most recent rebuild 1873-5   no
St Martin's Street chapel wes St Martin's St, near Broad St Islington bef. 1838    
St Mary aston coe corner of aston Rd North and avenue Road aston Brook 1863 J. Murray 1971
St Mary (parish church of Handsworth) coe Hamstead Rd, opposite church Hill St Handsworth 1160 (1570) (1774)   no
St Mary's convent of Our Lady of Mercy rc 98 Hunters Rd Lozells 1840 a.W.N. Pugin no (only church till 1847)
St Mary rc Vivian Rd Harborne 1877 Dunn & Hansom no
St Mary coe Bristol Rd/Lodge Hill Rd Selly Oak 1861 E. Holmes no
St Mary coe 1405 (rebuilt ca. 1914) Moseley Junction St Mary's Row & alcester Rd (Rickman improvements 1824) no
St Mary's chapel rc Hunters Rd, opposite Naden Rd Handsworth      
St Mary Whittall St coe Whittall St, formerly catherine St Birmingham 1774   1926
St Mary the Virgin coe Warwick Rd/St Mary's close acocks Green 1866 J.G. Bland restored after WW2 bombing
St Mary & St John rc Gravelly Hill Erdington     no
St Mary & St John coe alum Rock Rd nr anthony Rd Saltley 1935 HW Hobbiss no
St Mary & St ambrose coe Pershore Rd/Raglan Rd Birmingham 1898 J.a. chatwin no
St Matthew coe Gt Lister St corner of Willis St Duddeston 1838-40 William Thomas no
St Matthias coe Wheeler St corner of Farm St Hockley 1855 J.L. Pedley closed 1948
St Michael coe St Michaels Rd corner of Soho Hill Handsworth 1855 William Bourne no
St Michael coe church Rd/Boldmere Rd Boldmere 1857 J.F. Wedmore rebuilt
St Michael rc Moor St Birmingham converted from unit. chapel by Fa. Sherlock
St Michael & all angels coe Vyse St, corner of Pitsford St at Warstone cemetery Hockley 1848   1953
St Michael & all angels coe Field Lane Bartley Green 1838-40 Isaac Newry no
St Nicholas coe Lower Tower St opp. Ward St Hockley 1868 Martin & chamberlain 1947
St Nicholas chapel rc Boldmere Rd/Jockey Rd Boldmere 1840 a.W.N. Pugin 1961
St Nicholas church coe The Green Kings Norton ca. 1213   no
St Oswald of Worcester coe St Oswalds Rd corner of coventry Rd Bordesley 1889 W.H. Bidlake no
St Patrick coe Frank St Highgate 1873/1889 (chapel), 1897 J.L. Pearson yes
St Patrick rc South side of Dudley Rd opp. the workhouse (now hospital) Winson Green 1876 Dempster & Heaton no
St Paul (the jewellers' church) coe St Paul's Sq Hockley 1776-9 Eykyn no
St Paul coe   Bordesley Green 1911    
St Paul coe East side of Moseley Rd, corner of St Paul's Rd Balsall Heath 1853   yes
St Paul coe Lozells Rd, corner of James St Lozells 1880 J.a. chatwin no
St Paul coe Old Walsall Rd Hamstead 1892 W. Davis no
St Peter coe Grove Lane Handsworth 1907 F.B. Osborn no
St Peter coe South side of George St West near Spring Hill Hockley 1907    
St Peter coe Dale End Birmingham 1825-27 (1837) Rickman & Hutchison 1899
St Peter rc Broad St, east side of canal Birmingham 1786   1969
St Peter & Paul's (parish church of aston juxta Birmingham) coe Witton Rd aston mediaeval bef. 1544 (1879-90) Rebuilt J.a. chatwin no
St Philip's cathedral coe St Philip's Square, colmore Row Birmingham 1711-15 Thomas archer no
St Saviour coe St Saviour Rd Saltley 1850 R.c. Hussey no
St Saviour coe Bridge St West, corner of Villa St Hockley 1874 J.a. chatwin 1962?
St Silas coe St Silas' Sq, off church St Lozells 1854 J.W. Fiddian no
St Stephen coe New Town Row, corner of St Stephen's St Newtown / aston 1844 R.c. carpenter closed 1950, demolished 1960s
St Stephen coe Serpentine Rd corner of Selly Park Rd Selly Hill 1870 Martin & chamberlain no
St Thomas (& Immanuel 1865 Broad St) coe Bath Row/Holloway Head, between Granville St and Washington St (Immanuel was on Broad St, corner of Bishopsgate St) Birmingham 1827-29 Rickman & Hutchinson (St Immanuel by E. Holmes) since 1940 just tower standing
St Thomas in the Moors coe cox St West (was at junction of Lincoln St with clevedon Rd) Balsall Heath 1883 Bateman & corser c. 1970
church of St Thomas More rc Horse Shoe Lane Sheldon     1969
St Vincent ashted (school church) rc ashted Row, corner of Windsor St and Great Brook St aston 1884   1925
Stirling Road Meth. chapel wes West side of Stirling Rd, corner of carlyle Rd Ladywood bef. 1886    
Sutton congregational con Park Rd Sutton coldfield 1880   rebuilt 1972
Swedenborgian New Jerusalem church swe Summer Lane Birmingham c.1870    
Tonk St church coe Tonk St (Inkleys) Birmingham 1851 Orford yes
Union Row chapel wes Union Row off Grove Lane Handsworth 1789   no (now a community project)
Unity church   North side Broad St over the canal Ladywood      
Yardley Baptist church bap Rowlands Rd Yardley 1938    
Westminster Road congregational con Junction of Westminster Rd & Livingstone Rd Handsworth 1882    
Winson Green congregational chapel bap Winson Green Road, north corner of Villiers St Winson Green      
Wretham Road New church swe North side of Wretham Rd off Soho Hill Hockley 1875   1970
Wycliffe chapel bap East side of Bristol St, corner of St Luke St Birmingham 1861 W. Middlemore  
Wylde Green congregational con Britwell Rd/Highbridge Rd Wylde Green 1904   no
Wyndham Baptist chapel bap Hagley Rd, corner of Wyndham Rd Edgbaston      
Zion chapel swe, bap after 1814 Newhall St corner of Lionel St Birmingham 1791   yes

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