School Memories by Jean Butler (was Gumbley)

I was born in clifton Road aston in 1938, when I was about 3years old we moved to Park Lane next to the Eagle pub. I went to Upper Thomas St School shown above. On the corner of Sutton St. and Park lane there was Robo's café where we used to get faggots and peas every Friday night for our tea (I can taste them as I write) down the bottom of Park Lane there was the fish and chip shop Jelfs and along aston cross there was Thompson's pork shop all these shops really stick in my mind I don't know if anyone remembers any of these mentioned

When I was 11 I went to Vicarage Road School some of the teachers names where Miss Greenway, Miss Lavender, Miss cook, Miss crook, does anyone remember these teachers. We used to go on visits to Factories such as The Dunlop all you could smell was rubber it was awful, we went to the Lickey hills these was our days of pleasure a bit different to where they go nowadays from school but they were good days. If anyone remembers anyone who attended these schools I would be very interested to here from you, I still keep in touch with one or two. I left school in 1953.