a Poem by Rod Birch


What mask will you wear today.
Maybe the one, that takes the sorrow away
You know! the one that has a hiding smile.
It masks the lines of strife and toil.
It hides the grief from shattered dreams
Living a life beyond your means.
What mask will you wear today.
It's the mask of smiles to disguise your pain
Like an iridescent rainbow after thundery rain
Leave your mask hanging by the door
Bare your heart, just let it pour
Let them see how you really feel
They'll not loose sleep for you I'm sure
But your mind, will at last be free
Unburdened by your honesty
Released from the chains which held it enslaved
What mask will you wear today.
Leave your mask, just let it lie
Worry not for missed moments, which passed on by
Gather those you love and whose pains you share
Be yourself have not a care