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My thoughts and daydreams are always of you
You are the one and only that appears in my view
Your love is my strength on my every waking day

My ears listen to all your loving words you say
Your eyes that see only the goodness in me
Our love that as lasted so long, forever to be

and from my lips, my love for you I will shout
Our togetherness that's what it's all about
as we meander through life's chosen path

To celebrate our completeness that we have
My ever-lasting love for you will always be true
and I know this thought is the same for you

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These old photographs staring at you and me
Faces that seem familiar who can they be
Who can we find to answer our plight
any old relative, can you can you put us right
Why didn't you put those names on the back
Names that would have put us on the right track
They just stare at us with a blank face
and left us all here with out a trace
No date on the back to when and where
This frustration for the lack of a name, there
If you had not been so very negative
We could have been more positive

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The abyss

This Is a PoemTo Honour all Those Innocents Who Went To Work On September 11th 2001 and Never Returned Home

From the abyss of conflagration and carnage
a new way of life we must all stage
Tears of anguish for all the lost souls
People of the world unite their voice extols
No prejudices against the colour of skin
No talk of revenge but justice must win
Tears shed by the loved ones left behind
comforted by unknown friends so very kind
Undying compassion with a love so strong
This grief that shows our strength of love
Prayers bring solace from heaven above
Broken in mind but never in our belief
as the world watched in utter disbelief
The time as now come to say our farewell
We will recover but only time will tell

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The Shell

This gnarled pitted dirty shell
Lying in the dust where it fell
The button maker lifted it from the dusty floor
Then he commenced to shape it with his saw
His experienced eye soon measures it out
He would get many buttons from this no doubt
Treddling his cutter up to full speed
From the old shell the dust began to bleed
Soon the thick pearl blanks piled up high
as he wiped his sweaty brow with a sigh
From the blanks the pearl buttons were cut
and then passed to the driller down in his hut
Next the polisher made them shine bright
Using his tired muscles with all his might
Young girls then sewed the buttons to the card
as they worked in the lean-to down the yard
So from this old gnarled dirty shell
Bright fancy buttons ready to sell

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The passing years I have seen through my eyes
Of hot sunny days and bright cloudless blue skies
and when those blue days were dull and overcast
But I knew in my own mind they would not last
Trials and tribulations always come to try our mettle
and all these on going trials of woe we have to settle
With baby's eyes I looked out in wonder and curiosity
To see out on to a new life were I would make my identity
The young innocence of youth these eyes were to see
Long years of war brought fire and destruction to me
The air raid warden knocking us up out of a warm bed
While enemy planes droning, were flying overhead
My school day eyes taught me to read and write
and to struggle with lessons with all my might
The young eyes of youth brought girls in to my life
They also helped me to find a beautiful loving wife
Tears in my eyes that saw my children born of me
What wondrous things my eyes have let me see
My eyes grow tired and now reading glasses I need
I have to use these glasses every time I want to read
Now these eyes have reached the need of a long sleep
and as they finally close tight never more to weep

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