The Lozells Harriers

Photographs From Fred Brooks

Woodford Green, 5 Miles 1954

When this photo was taken arthur allen
who lived in Lozells was 83 years old he won
the club walking championship in 1906

The photograph with the group was a promotion we did at the Handsworth cinema
for the Film "Geordie" starring Bill Travers.
a film about the Olympic Games where he is a Hammer Thrower

The Birchfield Harrier on the front of the programme is Dave Parmenter
a very good cross country and Road Runner the man starting the race was Norman Evans
a comedian From "Over The Garden Wall"

Lozells Harriers annual Dinner
The two signatures on the one are Freddy Green From Birchfield Harriers who
that year broke the World Three mile record.
Fred and myslf trained together at Salford Park
The other signature is of Lutz Durlacher at that time one of the best cyclists in Gt.Britain
from the Solihull cycling club both were guests of honour

Team Photos of Lozells Harriers 1939 and 1959
which was their Golden Jubilee Year