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Big Brum Buz Book


£6.99 plus postage and packing (about £1.10)

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ORDER BY POST to John Houghton 32 Bonner Grove, aldridge, West Midlands, WS9 0DU Email

aSTON THROUGH TIME. £12. 99 plus post and packaging

BIRMINGHaM UP TOWN THROUGH TIME. £14. 99 plus post and

aROUND HOcKLEY THROUGH TIME. £ 14. 99 plus post and packaging

The Poems of John Houghton

John Houghton has Three books of Poetry available to purchase at £3 per book, this includes postage and packing to UK Mainland.

Please email John >> for overseas pricing.

The Summer Lane Kid

The Summer Lane Kid knows all about the Lane and all the words of that noted refrain. as a young kid he roamed all around and these are the stories that he found His mom and dad Brummies with out compare.

Stories in Verse
by Brian Harding
0121 240 9776
The Summer Lane Kid

He did as he was told "backchat" he would not dare. Times where very hard living in a back to back One of his jobs was riddling the coal from the slack. across the yard the outside loo shared by all It was somewhat of a hardship when he was small No lock on the door legs so small to keep it shut. Old newspapers hanging on a nail nicely cut Errands were run to make a few pennies for is mum. Some days were happy and some days were glum. But the Summer Lane Kid was never down to long because his upbringing had made him strong.

Brumroamin by Ted Rudge £11.95

Gypsies have been an integral part of Birmingham and Midland life for centuries. However, their history has remained largely invisible. Ted Rudge has been privileged to gain the trust and confidence of this community, which has enabled him to tell this story in their own words. This book, lavishly illustrated with photographs, historical source material and personal mementos, brings Romany gypsy and traveller culture to life.

available from Birmingham libraries and bookshops or by mail order (post and package free) from Marje Westley, Bookings and Sales, Birmingham central Library, chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3HQ. Tel; 0121 303 2868

Email: cheques payable to 'Birmingham city council'. credit cards accepted.

a Book of Poetry by Bob Houghton

John cox 502 Yardley Green Road, Yardley, Birmingham, B33 8TF

My Life In Brum
Reg Horton

You could say I were a Brummie
Born near to Summer Lane
But it was to Great Russell Street
That I finally came

It was St George's c of E School
Who tried to educate my brain
and the headmaster, Mr.cutland
With his great big willow cane.

The book is 82 verses long and can be ordered directly from:

Reg Horton
15 Moyle Drive
West Midlands, B63 2XR

Price inc. p&p  £2.50p   cheques payable to
Reg Horton

Time Please!

a look back at Birmingham's Pubs, it features 380 photos of Mitchells & Butlers (and atkinsons) pubs all over Birmingham, from the early 1900s to the 1970s. It is a4 size and 140 pages and contains informative captions which give details of opening and closure dates, architectural details where known from property index cards from the M & B archive that myself and my colleague David Hassall have bought. Good value at £11.90 plus £3.10 for postage and packing if required. It features a fascinating foreword by the one and only carl chin who as you know has a special interest in both pubs and your area of aston! amongst the pubs featured are views of the Bartons arms, (probably the best surviving old pub still intact), the Britannia and King Edward VII on Lichfield Road, and long gone old pubs such as the New Peacock, Mazeppa, White Horse and the Star.

Inspirational Verse by Reg Horton

a Mothers Gift

I walked bare footed across the meadow
as morning mist rose from the ground
Exposing the long green grass and flowers
Hidden from view by the midnight hours

The song of the birds greeted the morn
Heralded the coming of the new dawn
Flowers in profusion lay everywhere
Petals opened to greet the morning air

Spider's webs covered with droplets of dew
Shone like diamonds as the sun shone through
Silence and beauty abounded everywhere
I danced and twirled without a care

You may laugh, and can cry tears Enduring all life's hopes and fears But when alone and faced with despair You yearn for your Mother to be there

God Bless Every Mother
On Mothers Day